General Information

European Thyroid Association – Cancer Group


European Thyroid Association – Cancer Group (ETA-CG) is devoted to those ETA members whose primary focus is clinical, translational or molecular biology of thyroid cancer.

ETA-CG is a platform of cooperation among ETA members but also with those investigators and clinicians from other medical associations who also focus on thyroid cancer with the goal to improve thyroid cancer diagnostics and treatments.


ETA-CG gives a special focus to advances in the most innovative diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in thyroid cancer in its broader spectrum, either differentiated, medullary or anaplastic. All the translational aspects of thyroid cancer are covered, including future possible treatments or mechanistic discoveries, as well as the investigations in molecular biology pathways explaining the initiation of a thyroid cancer or the resistance to therapy.

Laura Fugazzola (Group Leader)
Clara V Alvarez (Secretary)